BASE is the complete integrated system for brokers and investment managers, combining asset and wealth management tools with multi-currency global dealing, seamless straight-through processing and real-time trading and settlement. BASE provides a flexible and fully scalable solution capable of supporting broker organizations of all sizes and types. Many of the strengths of this Broker Software arise because it is built around a single core database that supports front and back office operations. Offering support for multiple exchanges, settlement types, currencies etc.


  • Automates the entire trade processing and settlement processes with minimal or no manual intervention.
  • Offers best-in-class client management features and strict KYC norms reflecting international best practices
  • Allows fungible money movement between product segments, settlement types and markets (based on entity-specific business and regulatory rules)
  • Offers a fully integrated and multi-currency accounting system, allowing seamless drill down from financial statements to underlying transaction
  • Inbuilt client portal provides restricted and secure access to clients.

The application consists of a basic-back-office suite with some extra pluggable modules which can be integrated with the basic suite.

BASE Dashboard View

Development Tools

  • Model Right for Database design
  • Visual paradigm, Urgo UML for various design Docs.
  • C# .Net Framework
  • DevExpress Library
  • MS SQL Server 2008 R2


  • Entity Layer
  • Utility Layer
  • Data Access Layer
  • Business Logic Layer
  • UI Layer

Biometric (Finger-print) Authentication

Basic Information Setup Module

  • Company information
  • Business & Services
  • Branches
  • Employees
  • Traders
  • DSE Members
  • Depository Information

User Management Module

  • User
  • User UI Groups
  • User UI privileges
  • User UI Group privileges
  • User Doc Privileges

Client Management Module

  • Client Setup
  • Account Category Setup
  • Account Subcategory Setup
  • Charges
  • Trade Volume Limit
  • Margin Constraints

Accounts Module

  • Client Setup
  • Account Category Setup
  • Account Subcategory Setup
  • Chart Of Accounts Setup

Daily Transaction Module

  • Amalgamation
  • Trade File Import
  • Close Price Import
  • Index Price Import
  • DSE Trade Volume Add
  • CDBL Synchronizer
  • Share Receipt
  • Share Delivery
  • Cash/Check Receipt-Payment
  • Client Check dishonored
  • Journal Voucher Entry

Reporting Module

  • This Module consists about a hundreds of reports regarding to the different operations and executions of the organization.